Different Resource Packs have been created for:

  • Neighbourhood Houses

  • Neighbourhood Centres, and

  • Community Centres

Please ensure you choose the pack appropriate to your State

Note: the links will take you to Google Drive, where you can download a zipped folder containing the Resource Pack of your choice.

This pack to be used by Houses in:



This pack to be used by Centres in:

New South Wales

Western Australia

This pack to be used by Centres in:

South Australia


As well as a range of logos (PNG format), each pack contains the following resources, branded for Houses, Centres or Community Centres:

I  Love ... sign

Give your members, guests, and event  participants the opportunity to express why your House / Centre is important to them (PDF).

NHW Poster

Promote NHW 2021 using this generic A3 poster.

Editable Poster and Flyer

Promote your NHW 2021 event using the A3 editable poster or A4 editable flyers (MS Word).

Inviting elected officials to your Neighbourhood House Week Event

  • Why invite your elected officials

  • Tips to showcase your Centre

  • Things to remember before and during the visit (PDF).


Sample Invitation Elected Official

Customise with your NHW 2021 event information (MS Word).

Community Survey

Discover what your community members think of their community in this editable community survey (MS Word).

Email signature

Two signature options are provided:

Victoria - please use the resources on the NHVic website


Resources to help Neighbourhood Houses and Centres across Australia to plan for and prepare Neighbourhood House Week (NHW) events.


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